The Art of Tying a #Pug and other #Sikh Stories

“The Art of Tying a Pug” is a book that is extremely dear to my heart for many reasons. Helping my father with his morning pooni before he could fasten his turban was a regular feature. I’d help him match his fifty to the turban and scout around for the salai that he invariably misplaced. In case you’re wondering what all this means… pooni, fifty, salai … “right there was my inspiration for the book!” Sharma says.

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#Fashion Unlimited: Sikh Community Gives #Pugree Jewel-In-The-Crown Treatment

Striped turbans pinned  with feathers and brooches, lavishly embroidered sherwanis and gloved hands commanding majestic swords—the portraits of the modish rulers of Kapurthala are invariably a sartorial treat. Before Independence, the royal families of Patiala and Kapurthala were forerunners in fashion and luxury, and among the early patrons of labels like Louis Vuitton and Cartier

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#Rickshaw ride for #Charles in #India before barefoot visit to #Sikh #temple

He later travelled to the Sikh temple where like any other tourist or worshipper he covered his head with a scarf as a mark of respect and took off his shoes and socks and entered barefoot.Further scarves were wrapped around Charles’s neck as his guided tour took him to all parts of the place of worship which was packed because of the special anniversary Sikhs are celebrating.Staff feed thousands of visitors every day and Charles visited the kitchens to watch helpers at work and tried his hand at turnin

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#Chic #Sikh

The Sikh turban or dastar has balanced tradition and modernity over the years, making its fashion-savvy adherents declare their simultaneous allegiance to spiritual and secular identities. Param dreams in technicolour. A Sikh fashion blogger and influencer, he easily blends his religious identity with trippy, youthful designs. “Now my community is more accepting of fashion. Initially, I would get lashings and threats like, ‘This is not how a Sikh man should be’,” says Param, who started his clothing brand a

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Understanding the #Sikh soldier’s raw bravery, unending loyalty

Inspired by the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev—the first guru and the founder of the Sikh religion—to engage in selfless service, strive for justice for the benefit and prosperity of all and be honest in your conduct, Sikh youth have traditionally opted to serve in the armed forces and the Central police and paramilitary forces (CAPF) in large numbers. Till proportional quotas based on each state’s population were imposed to give states a fair share, undivided Punjab contributed the largest number of recruits

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Reconstructing #1984 #Anti-Sikh Pogrom Through Untold Stories Of Women

Our collective amnesia has buried the anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984 in the sands of time and indifference. This month marks the 35th anniversary of 1984 and yet, four commissions, nine committees and two special investigation teams later, only two milestone convictions have been made. Survivors who live in “Widow’s Colony” in West Delhi are yet to receive compensation. Once again, the female narratives of pain, humiliation and extraordinary courage have been buried as if they never occurred. Indeed, the history

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#Pakistan and #India agree to open walkway for pilgrims

The 4km-long Kartapur corridor or walkway, 480km north of New Delhi, which will be formally inaugurated on November 9th, will provide access to Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartapur in Pakistan’s Punjab province, east of Lahore. Officials said the “holy passageway” will enable worshippers to walk from Dera Baba Nanak village, where Sikhism’s founder Guru Nanak Dev lived the last 17 years of his life until 1539, to the Sikh temple across the border. The corridor’s opening will coincide with the 550th anniver

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#Sikh #Dubliners Dream of a Bus Route That Would

While she talks, a metal tray appears in front of her crossed legs, then a metal cup of water. One by one, volunteers approach her, carrying serving bowls of vegetarian curry, lentil dahl, salad, chapatis, parsley chutney, and sweet rice pudding. They do the same for everyone who doesn’t yet have food in front of them. “The free kitchen, community service – you’re supposed to give 10 percent to the poor and needy … That is our religion in a nutshell. We’re supposed to do these things,” she says. There are

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