When #NBA great @ShaquilleONeal spent a day at a Los Angeles #Gurdwara

At the Khalsa Care Foundation in Pacoima, California, a Sikh gurudwara where hundreds of devotees come each day, there was a surprise visitor this past weekend. One of the greatest basketball players of all times and now a television analyst, Shaquille O’ Neal, spent a day at the Sikh temple with the community, knowing more about the Sikh faith.Shaq, a four-time NBA Champion, was part of a national commercial campaign launched by pizza giant Papa John’s, in which goes to different community centers.Sikh

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‘I get so much recognition from YouTube’ #SikhAwareness

Across the world, brands are paying social media influencers billions to promote their products, be it in the world of fashion, interior design or fitness. But in India, there’s a new crop of farmers who are using social media to share knowledge on innovative farming practices and techniques. The BBC went to meet one of them, Darshan Singh, who now has two million YouTube followers.

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New law in Illinois: April is #Sikh #Awareness & Appreciation Month

“As Sikhs throughout the world celebrate the 550th anniversary of the birth of their first guru, we celebrate you as an integral part of the Illinois community. We are tremendously proud that so many Sikhs call this state their home,” tweeted Governor Pritzker. “I hope the new law will provide greater understanding of the Sikh community,” he added.The HB2832 Bill had first passed the house vote bearing signatures of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Michael J. Madigan, and the Senate President J

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#SmartEnergy #IoT startup 75F raising $15 million

Founded in 2012, 75F aims to reduce energy costs in commercial buildings through the use of smart sensors. The system’s users can control temperatures in different parts of the building and turn off certain areas that are not occupied. 75F’s platform also takes into account weather forecasts to determine proper building temperatures.

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‘#RagHead’ Explores What It Means To Be An #American, Honors #Sikh #Temple Shooting Victims

“I think that any time there’s political rhetoric, it’s going to be echoed in how citizens treat each other, and I think we’re in a very divisive time right now,” she says. “I think it’s actually gotten worse. I think everything that was maybe said or felt behind doors is now at our doorstep, and it’s a very scary time.” While the play was inspired by tragedy, Morrison says it was also inspired by the resilience and beauty she witnessed being raised by immigrants and growing up in the Sikh community.

Source: ‘Rag Head’ Explores What It Means To Be An American, Honors Sikh Temple Shooting Victims | WUWM

#HongKong stories: Getting to know the city’s #Sikh community

Khalsa Diwan provides many other charitable services to Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike, including free accommodation and medical check-ups, blood donation camps and tree-planting ceremonies.The temple also runs a registered kindergarten inside the building, and organises sports and cultural activities for young people. For the past 50 years, it has sponsored the annual Guru Nanak Hockey Tournament, which invites all teams in the HK Hockey Association League to compete.

Source: Hong Kong stories: Getting to know the city’s Sikh community | Young Post | South China Morning Post

#Sikh #Priest Attacked Inside Hughson Home Told ‘Go Back, Go Back’

HUGHSON (CBS13) — Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating an alleged attack on a Sikh priest inside his own home.Deputies were at the home that sits on the property of the Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple in Hughson Friday night.The victim, Sikh Priest Amarjit Singh, showed CBS13’s Steve Large inside the bedroom where he was startled by the sounds of shattered glass. When he looked to see what was happening, he was punched through the broken window.The suspect hit him in the neck and shouted

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#Mumbai’s visually impaired ‘Sporty #Sikh’ runs marathons against odds

Singh was diagnosed with macular degeneration, one of the leading causes for vision loss, at the age of 13, and lost his eyesight completely by the age of 40. It was only at 48 that he started his sports career. He had earlier won a gold medal in 50m freestyle at an all-India swimming competition for disabled in Mumbai and is the only blind person to scale the 19,830-ft Dolma Pass in Tibet.

Source: Mumbai’s visually impaired ‘Sporty Sikh’ runs marathons against odds | pune news | Hindustan Times

76-YO Runs #Delhi’s Only Free ‘Auto Ambulance’, Saved Hundreds! #SikhAwareness

Over and above all this, whatever money he makes from driving the auto, he keeps aside some for his family, and the rest he spends on buying medicines for patients who are unable to afford them. “I make a note of their name, number, and address, and whenever I am in the vicinity, I drop off the free medicines to them.”Given his age, he is often urged by his family members to take a break and stay at home to which he replies that working keeps him mentally alert and happy. “The more work I do, the happier

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I was a girl in #DaisyScouts the first time I was told to ‘#goBackHome’ (#SikhAwareness)

In kindergarten, I remember the excitement of my first Daisy Scouts meeting, arriving with my turban-wearing grandfather in tow. My excitement quickly dissipated as my fellow 5-year-olds isolated me, questioning why I was there and why I didn’t go back to where I came from because I didn’t belong. I refused to go back, recognizing that this childhood version of “go back to your country” was synonymous with hate.

Source: I was a girl in Daisy Scouts the first time I was told to ‘go back home’ – Chicago Sun-Times