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#Boxing ban for bearded fighters overturned in Wales – #Sikh

The 20-year-old Cardiff University student said he had “missed out on a lot of experiences” as he could not compete because of his faith.Welsh Boxing said the rule change would be introduced from 1 August.The Sikh principle of Kesh prevents the removal of any hair on the body, because it is considered sacred and a gift from God.Mr Singh, who is from the East Midlands but studies in Cardiff, told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast with Claire Summers it was a “very significant change”.”This means I can actual

Source: Boxing ban for bearded fighters overturned in Wales – BBC News

#Sikh #American actor Amandeep Singh on new ABC show ‘#HoleyMoley’

Singh sees the chance to represent his community in a show that features one of America’s favorite past times as a great equalizer. As for a long time, the general perception about South Asians in America has been that they are mostly interested in cricket, a sport that has slim following in the United States. By being out there, as an Indian American and as a Sikh, Singh believes it may change the perception and can further highlight how similar we may be to any American.

Source: Sikh American actor Amandeep Singh on new ABC show ‘Holey Moley’

#Pakhtun #Sikhs keeping their culture alive

Gurpal is a third generation Pakhtun Sikh. Along with his cousin, both students at the Khalsa School in Peshawar.“We speak and read Gurmukhi within the Sikh community, but we always speak Pashto because that is our culture,” he added. He said that they visit Hassanabdal frequently, and have many Pakhtun and Punjabi friends to spend time with there without any restrictions from their families.“We have never faced religious or social prejudice,” Radesh Singh, a herbal store owner in Hassanabdal’s main baz

Source: Pakhtun Sikhs keeping their culture alive – Newspaper – DAWN.COM

#Sikh drivers are transforming U.S. trucking. Take a ride along the #Punjabi #American highway

It reminds Pal of the time he was paying his bill at another gas station. A man suddenly shouted at customers to “get out, he’s going to blow up this place!” “I will not fight you,” Pal calmly replied. The man left. Those kinds of instances are rare, but Pal always senses their danger. Some of the most violent attacks on Sikhs this century have been at the hands of people who mistook them for Muslims or Arabs, including the case of a turban-wearing Sikh man in Arizona who was shot dead by a gunman four days

Source: Sikh drivers are transforming U.S. trucking. Take a ride along the Punjabi American highway – Los Angeles Times

How the #Sikhs integrated in #Switzerland

“I like Sikhism because nobody tried to convince me to convert. It is also a monotheistic religion and I belong to the Protestant church which is quite similar,” he told He recently published a manual in German about the Sikh religion that addresses many of the concerns both Sikhs and others might have about the religion’s traditional practices.

Source: How the Sikhs integrated in Switzerland – SWI

How a rural #Oklahoma #truckstop became a destination for #Sikh #Punjabis crossing #America

Brothers Randeep Singh, 21, and Hardeep Singh, 24, stop by on their way home to Fresno after loading their trailer with dog food in New Jersey. After immigrating in 2016 from the northern Indian city of Hoshiarpur, they worked at gas stations before switching to trucking. “We don’t get a lot of breaks, so when we do, we try to stop here always,” says Randeep as he takes bites of chole puri.

Source: How a rural Oklahoma truck stop became a destination for Sikh Punjabis crossing America – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Behind the Story: On a search for #Sikh #truckers

We made the trip that day in hopes of meeting a few truckers, looking for one who would let us join a cross-country road trip to profile the community. What we didn’t realize is that nearly every person we came across would be connected to the industry. There was Baljit Singh, a man with thin-rimmed sunglasses, a wispy white beard and yellow turban who has been behind the wheel of trucks for more more than 30 years. When we asked him whether he knew any other truckers around that day, he chuckled. “They a

Source: Behind the Story: On a search for Sikh truckers – Los Angeles Times

How to respond to #racist #harassment, on Man Up.

Simran Jeet Singh: One of the things that I draw from my tradition as a Sikh is this idea of chardi kala—always finding optimism in everything. It is somewhat forced. There’s bad stuff happening all the time and painful stuff that you have to deal with. But being able to find hope doesn’t just mean that you’re deluding yourself into some false reality. It also means that you are then giving yourself a direction to go and shaping yourself as a person, right? What kind of person do you want to be, and how do

Source: How to respond to racist harassment, on Man Up.

On the road with The #Turbanators: #Dubai’s friendly group of #Sikh #bikers

It’s Singh’s Motorcycle Club that I’m looking for, and they’re the last to arrive. I’m here to meet Gurnam Singh, a long-term Dubai resident and architect who founded the club five years ago. Thankfully, this group of speed-­loving Sikhs is hard to miss, as almost every one of them is wearing a bright orange turban and jacket covered in badges and embroidered messages. In stark contrast to the slightly more rough-and-ready sayings I clock on the other groups’ gear, ­members of SMC sport motivational or reli

Source: On the road with The Turbanators: Dubai’s friendly group of Sikh bikers – The National

#Women and #Sikhism: Lessons from #GuruNanak

According to Shanti Kaur, Sikhism should not allow for the maltreatment of women or the oppressive of them into the margins of society. Based on the teachings of Guru Nanak, women are just as valuable in all aspects of being as men. There are some things that women do that men cannot, representing both the necessity of female empowerment and demonstrating their innate value. Kaur paraphrased a lesson from Guru Nanak “From women kings are born. From women the whole society maintains its strength. So how can

Source: Women and Sikhism: Lessons from Guru Nanak – World Religion News