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@Nordstrom’s $800 ‘Indy Full Turban’ from @Gucci draws #Sikh protests


Several people also balked at the price of the Gucci turban, which they said goes against one of the faith’s core tenets: equality. “Turbans are supposed to promote equality among the people,” a person wrote, adding that selling one for hundreds of dollars “promotes the opposite of equality.”

Source: Nordstrom’s $800 ‘Indy Full Turban’ from Gucci draws Sikh protests – The Washington Post

Suspect Tells Police He ‘Hates #Muslims’ After Attacking #Sikh Clerk

He said the Sikh community has seen the number of ani-Sikh hate crimes go up since the 2016 election. “We’re trying to get our political leaders to be responsible because when they speak, bigots, like we saw in Marysville, will act,” Shergill said. So what’s the answer to keeping incidents like this from happening again? “I think the solution is more communication with people, direct communication, living with people of different ethnicities,” said Jay Inglee, who works in Grass Valley.

Source: Suspect Tells Police He ‘Hates Muslims’ After Attacking Sikh Clerk – CBS Sacramento

#Muslim drivers, #Christian faithfuls have #langar at #Sikh #temple

DUBAI: The Sikh Gurudwara Darbar Sahab in Jebel Ali, Dubai, was a picture of tolerance and diversity as hundreds of Muslim bus drivers and the Catholic faithfuls they were ferrying for the Papal mass in Abu Dhabi partook in the langar or free community meals from 4pm onwards on Monday. On Tuesday, Surinder Singh Khandari, chairman of the gurdwara, told Gulf News, “There were some 100 buses outside the Gurudwara as this area, which has seven churches, was a pickup point for buses taking people to Abu Dhabi

Source: Muslim drivers, Christian faithfuls have langar at Sikh temple

#Sikh Community Honors #NJ Sheriff’s Officer’s Legacy With #Langar

The Lawrenceville gurdwara (Sikh house of worship) began the tradition in 2017. They began with three families and has grown to include a total of 80 people who serve altogether. There are about 15-20 who serve the community each month, but Santiago was one person who always showed up to serve. For general security measures, they began looking to hire an off-duty police officer to patrol during weekend services in March 2018. Santiago was the first to offer his services, but he soon went beyond his dutie

Source: Sikh Community Honors NJ Sheriff’s Officer’s Legacy With Langar | Lawrenceville, NJ Patch

Meet Pritam Singh, 74-year-old #Sikh #model on the #TimesSquare billboard

Northridge, California, resident Pritam Singh is proudly adorning the billboards for Dollar Shave Club, a California-based company popularly dealing in shaving and grooming products. The 74-year-old Singh appears in the company’s new commercial for beard oil, a unique product targeting men who like to keep their facial hair.In a commendable move toward showcasing diversity, the company chose a Sikh model and also featured a thoughtful tagline for its commercial which reads, “Beard Oil Because for Some Peo

Source: Meet Pritam Singh, 74-year-old Sikh model on the Times Square billboard – The American Bazaar

SA’s #Sikh community feeds #federal agents during government #shutdown

“We are here to support those federal employees who are not getting their paycheck, and we really appreciate their services… and we believe our nation should appreciate and give gratitude to those men and women who are doing wonderful service for us, but are not getting paid so,” said Balwinder “Dillon” Dhillon, President of the Sikh Center of San Antonio. “The least we could do is support them with a hot meal for the next three days.”

Source: SA’s Sikh community feeds federal agents during government shutdown | WOAI

#Sikh #temple community garden growing food to share

It turns out that the Sikh Temple Gurudwara Sri Kalgidhar Sahib Takanini & Otahuhu does all that and more.  They do feed thousands of people (specifically, an average of 300 on weekdays, 1000 on Saturdays and 2000 on Sundays). No, you don’t have to be Sikh. You don’t have to pray at the temple. You don’t even have to pay for the food.  “We welcome everyone and we don’t ask where you come from or what you do,” says Supreme Sikh Society of New Zealand spokesperson Daljit Singh.

Source: Sikh temple community garden growing food to share |

#Sikh shrines in #India and #Pakistan – why construction of visa-free #Kartarpur corridor is so historic

On a clear day, both are visible to each other. But the Radcliffe Line, drawn in August 1947 between Pakistan and India, ensures that travel for the average Indian or Pakistani is impossible across this international border. India’s Sikh community is roughly around 20m people – under 2% of India’s population of over a billion. More than half of them live in the Punjab, India and are cut off from the most significant shrines associated with the founder of their faith, all located in Punjab, Pakistan.

Source: Sikh shrines in India and Pakistan – why construction of visa-free Kartarpur corridor is so historic

#Houston #Sikhs preparing for year-long celebration of founder of their faith

There are already six Gurdwaras in Houston, which welcome all to learn more about the Sikh culture. “We’re devout people, but we’re totally attuned to local customs and culture,” Azad said. He said that the American philosophy of “all men are created equal,” is perfectly aligned to Sikh ideals. In addition, the religion is centered on charity. “If you are hungry, no one will ask you what religion you are, what caste or creed,” Azad said. “We feel it is our duty to feed you. If you need shelter, no one in

Source: Houston Sikhs preparing for year-long celebration of founder of their faith –

More than 30,000 #Indian-American #Sikhs have entered the trucking industry in 2 years

What you might not expect is that the trucker in the next lane is wearing a turban. Even with unemployment at a nearly 49-year low, there is a record-high shortage of truck drivers. This year, the turnover rate for truck drivers is 96 percent. More than 50,000 drivers are needed to meet the demand, and the shortage is forcing companies like Amazon, General Mills, Tyson Foods and others to hike up their prices to consumers.   But one group of drivers — Indian-Americans who practice the Sikh faith, truckers

Source: More than 30,000 Indian-American Sikhs have entered the trucking industry in 2 years – CBS News