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For Sikhs, a turban, known as a pagg or dastar, is a religious object. It’s their most identifiable feature and is primarily used as such—a way for other people to recognize them. It’s worn by both Sikh women and men as a symbol of equality, and as a method of hair protection and cleanliness. Similarly, members of the Rastafarian religion may use turbans as a way to protect their dreadlocks. In Bitch Magazine, Rachel Charlene Lewis writes about the sleep bonnet, a turban-like cap, often lined in silk or satin, that black women have long worn to protect their hair at night. The sleep bonnet isn’t just about hair care though; it’s also rooted in racist laws that required black women to cover their hair in public, and persistent discrimination against natural hair.

Source: Turbans — Quartz Obsession — Quartz

#Knitting to serve: Meeting at a #Sikh #Gurdwara in #Texas

I explained that, thanks to my membership with several organizations (including WFWP) founded by Rev. and Mrs. Moon, it has become normal to share meals and discussions with people from all around the world. However, this experience is rare for most people. Many different ethnicities call the USA home, but we tend to stay within our familiar communities and don’t often get to know people from different backgrounds. I believe this is due to the fact that we don’t have enough opportunities to gather for a com

Source: Knitting to serve: Meeting at a Sikh gurdwara in Texas

Micron Technology Inc. engineer in #Boise has racked up 1,299 U.S. #patents.

Hughes adds: “He’s deeply committed to his family and friends.” Sandhu and his wife, Sukesh, raised two sons: Gureet, a Boise State graduate who works at Boise’s Albertsons Cos. buying candy from the grocer’s suppliers (and who DJs at Boise’s Revolution Concert House); and Sunny, who works in Australia.

Source: Micron Technology Inc. engineer in Boise has racked up 1,299 U.S. patents. | Idaho Statesman

Why #Sikhs wear a #turban and what it means to practice the #faith in the #UnitedStates

As a scholar of the tradition and a practicing Sikh myself, I have studied the harsh realities of what it means to be a Sikh in America today. I have also experienced racial slurs from a young age.I have found there is little understanding of who exactly the Sikhs are and what they believe. So here’s a primer.

Source: Why Sikhs wear a turban and what it means to practice the faith in the United States

#Sikh businessman’s #ecoFriendly initiative involving #Hindu #god gives hope in trying times

It is an auspicious occasion for Hindus who often build big idols of him and immerse them into the water. The practice has raised concerns over the years as the paint and material used for making such statues is not good for the environment. Kukreja came up with an idea of chocolate Ganesha statues to not only save water from pollutants, but also to bring smiles on the faces of poor and underprivileged kids. His Ganesha is immersed into milk and the kids are given free chocolate milk as a prasad (temple fo

Source: Gurpreet Singh: Sikh businessman’s eco-friendly initiative involving Hindu god gives hope in trying times | Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly

Manitoba’s only #Sikh school finds room to grow in Charleswood

“This is a full-fledged school,” she said, referring to the gymnasium, computer and science labs. “In our old building, we were running out of room.”After its inaugural year at the Sikh temple on Sturgeon Road, the school operated out of the Punjab Cultural Centre (1770 King Edward St.), a facility with a soccer field but no gym, board chairman Manjinderpal Singh Chahal said.”We (now) have one room for a dance studio, we have a music room, a science lab and a big library,” Chahal said of the new campus.

Source: Manitoba’s only Sikh school finds room to grow in Charleswood – Winnipeg Free Press

When #NBA great @ShaquilleONeal spent a day at a Los Angeles #Gurdwara

At the Khalsa Care Foundation in Pacoima, California, a Sikh gurudwara where hundreds of devotees come each day, there was a surprise visitor this past weekend. One of the greatest basketball players of all times and now a television analyst, Shaquille O’ Neal, spent a day at the Sikh temple with the community, knowing more about the Sikh faith.Shaq, a four-time NBA Champion, was part of a national commercial campaign launched by pizza giant Papa John’s, in which goes to different community centers.Sikh

Source: When NBA great Shaquille O’Neal spent a day at a Los Angeles gurdwara

‘I get so much recognition from YouTube’ #SikhAwareness

Across the world, brands are paying social media influencers billions to promote their products, be it in the world of fashion, interior design or fitness. But in India, there’s a new crop of farmers who are using social media to share knowledge on innovative farming practices and techniques. The BBC went to meet one of them, Darshan Singh, who now has two million YouTube followers.

Source: ‘I get so much recognition from YouTube’ – BBC News