Community Service Activities

Sikhs firmly believe in doing selfless community service, called “Seva”.

Over the last several years, Gurudwara Sikh Sangat’s congregation has been involved in several community service projects. Some of the ongoing ones are:

  1. Sack Lunch Project: The Gurudwara youth makes 240 wholesome sack lunches every other Sunday (including a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, juice, chips, a snack bar, and fruit).  These lunches are packed at the Gurdwara and delivered to the Salvation Army of Dallas and the Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County.  As of June 3, 2019, the Sikh Sack Lunch Seva Project (which is also conducted at the other DFW Sikh Community Gurdwaras) had delivered 30,000 meals.   Learn more about the program here.  For more information on how to sponsor, please contact Das. 

2. Seva Simran Group: The ladies “Seva and Simran” group at the Euless Gurughar gets together every other week to do projects like creating comfort items for cancer patients. Their current projects include teh following, and they encourage participation of anyone interested:

a. Caps for orphanage in Uganda.
b. Sensory blankets for Alzheimer’s association Fort Worth.
c. Soap sacs for homeless

Please contact Mrs. Amrit Kaur Anand if you have any questions.